Bale Elephant Camp

Bale camp is about 24 kms from Red earth. Elephants come to Bale camp for their evening and morning feed. Interaction with elephants can be limited and is dependent on the personnel available.

Tibetan Monasteries

This is an hour’s drive from the resort. There is a monastery named Dzondiling and the unique ‘Gvudned Tantric University’. In the flutter of its prayer flags and chorus of chants, listen to the language of peace. Visitors can combine this with a return journey through the Nagarhole forests via Veerahosalli and Murkal gates. This is a road which is seldom used and chances of spotting game are excellent.

Botanical Sanctuary

The international union for conservation of nature has rated Gurukulam as one of the 25 centres of Bio diversity in the world. There are no charges, but voluntary donations to the organisation are most welcome and accepted with gratitude.Distance from the property is 75kms

Visit an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

Visit to Swami Vivekananda Youth Moment (SVYM) in Saragur engaged in community based development projects in the sectors of Health and Education – sustainable community development catering to a large population of tribes well as other local communities.

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